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Enlighten Jobs™ is on a mission to improve how job seekers and recruiters find each other. Synonyms make it difficult. Our Thesaurus makes it easy.

Many of the largest job search engines do not handle synonyms well. When recruiters post jobs, they should include the words from synonym job titles in their job descriptions. For example, if a recruiter is hiring an intern, they should include the word "internship" in their job description.

In addition, job seekers should include synonyms when they do a job search. Instead of searching for "internship", job seekers should search for "internship or intern". We designed our Job Search to do this for job seekers.

Synonyms make it difficult for recruiters and job seekers to find each other. In economics, this is known as a search friction, which leads to frictional unemployment. As it gets easier for job seekers, recruiters and search engines to include synonyms, fewer jobs will go unfilled and fewer people will be unemployed.

For a more detailed example, check out Cyber Security vs Information Security.

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